• OM241 / OM261 Semi-permanent Outdoor Microphone

    Date:2021-08-06    Pageviews:1669

    OM241/OM261 semi-permanent outdoor microphone is developed by BSWA Tech for outdoor noise monitor. The outdoor micropho.....
  • MF710/MF720 Hemispherical Array for Sound Power Improved

    Date:2021-08-06    Pageviews:1809

    MF710/MF720 Hemispherical Arrays for Sound Power Are Now Optimized. MF710 / MF720 are hemispherical arrays designed .....
  • SW420R Complete Solution for Measurement of Sound Absorption of Pavements according to ISO 13472-2 Standard

    Date:2021-08-06    Pageviews:1915

    BSWA SW420R Impedance Tube System   - For Pavements Absorption Testing     · ISO13472-2 BSWA Company Introd.....
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