About Us

  • 1998

    ● More than 20 years experience in acoustic measurement

     The company was founded with a joint venture of China Acoustics Institute in 1998

  • 20

     Quality is well-known all over the world and has been certified by German TÜV

     More than 30 foreign distributors, sales and promotes BSWA brand products worldwide.

  • 8

     Advanced research and development team.

     Obtained 8 utility model patents and 10 software copyrights in the past 8 years.

  • 3

     Sub-brand MicW’s products were awarded 3 times abroad.

     NAB award Radio World Cool Staff, STAIS award, DGP Digital Camera Grand Prix - photographic equipment surrounding products gold award.

Development Path

  •  BSWA started to export microphones to European market. The quality of the microphone has been recognized by customers worldwide.

  •  MicW was established in 2010, committed to designing and manufacturing precision professional recording microphones. Successfully appeared at the BIRTV exhibition in 2011, expanding MicW's popularity and influence at home and abroad. Since then, it has won awards and is loved by professional customers all over the world.

  •  BSWA and Zhongke Xinsheng (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. jointly established ZKXY Technology Co., Ltd., a technology company led by acoustic vibration test systems.

  •  Dr. Chris Fuller, a world-renowned professor, joined the BSWA Consulting Ltd and successfully signed the active acoustic zoning project of famous car companies. 

     The 180 dB high sound pressure microphone and matching 180dB calibrator have been successfully developed, which fills the blank of domestic equipment in the field of national defense acoustic test.

  •  BSWA was established in July 1998, a high-tech company with joint venture of the Chinese Academy of Sciences - Acoustics Institute.

  •  Shanghai Sheng Wang Acoustics Technology Corporation was established in September 2007, provide professional design and construction of various acoustic test chambers.

  •  BSWA sound level meter went into space with the Shenzhou XI.

     BSWA and AutoSEA founder Paul Bremner established BSWA Consulting Limited.

  • ● BSWA Sensors participate in the Mars exploration rocket launching project.