MF710/MF720 Hemispherical Array for Sound Power Improved

MF710/MF720 Hemispherical Arrays for Sound Power Are Now Optimized.

MF710 / MF720 are hemispherical arrays designed by BSWA for sound power measurement. The latest version has greater structural rigidity, an improved microphone connector for faster, more accurate positioning, and also offers a ceiling mount option.

MF710 meets the requirements of 10 microphone sound power methods such as GB 6882-1986, ISO 3745:1977, GB/T 18313-2001 and ISO 7779:2010. MF720 meets the requirement of 20 microphone method in GB/T 6882-2008, and ISO 3745:2012.

The MF710 / MF720 fixtures were designed to be acoustically transparent, light and easy to assemble. Microphones can be mounted on the hemispherical surface very quickly and accurately, so that measurement in accordance with standard requirements becomes very easy. Furthermore, BSWA provides a multi-channel data acquisition system and sound power measurement software as an integrated solution.

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