MP471S 1/4 Inch Pressure Field Microphone

MP471S 1/4 inch of pressure for Beijing prestige development a microphone, suitable for hard reflection cavity in the body, or a hard surface and near surface level pressure field environments such as installation, it adopts the pre-polarization method without external polarization voltage, is suitable for the ICCP MA401 preamplifier power supply (optional TEDS). MP471S using lateral pressure, located within the confinement of equalizing hole is suitable for the cavity in the body in the static pressure is easy to change measurement noise, but the pressure side way also leads to the change frequency response of the microphone, and the frequency range of 8 Hz ~ 20 kHz, put broadband ring limit after high frequency can be extended to 40 kHz.

MP471S high strength metal diaphragm, by improving the membrane tension increased the microphone the loudest level, low sensitivity to about 0.5 mV/Pa at the same time, also avoid the ICCP preamplifier limit the maximum output voltage microphone, can measure sound pressure level is as high as 170 db. Each MP471S after high pressure testing, before they go out to verify that the rated maximum sound pressure level is reached when the total 3% or less distortion.

With TEDS MP471S optional preamplifier, read the microphone information directly to support data acquisition equipment, including microphone model, serial number, sensitivity, etc. Now Beijing popularity TEDS microphone support the IEEE 1451.4 standard, including the default using v0.9 version to more compatible to data acquisition device, according to user requirements can also choose v1.0 version.

Each one MP471S before delivery with independent calibration data chart, contains information such as sensitivity and frequency response.