MPA436A 1/4


MP436A prestige development of 1/4 inch  free field microphone, suitable for in the absence of the reflection of the free field measurements, half free field environment, it adopts the pre-polarization method without external polarization voltage, equipped with integral integration of ICCP power supply preamplifier TEDS (optional). 

MP436A equalizing before use way, the frequency range of 20 Hz ~ 10 kHz (plus or minus 2 dB), 10 kHz ~ 20 kHz (plus or minus 3 dB), can measure sound pressure level is as high as 140 dB. Each MP436A after high pressure testing, before they go out to verify that the rated maximum sound pressure level is reached when the total 3% or less distortion.

MP436A is suitable for the extensive use of microphone, demanding occasions of the monomer costs, such as the near-field acoustical holography (NAH), beam forming (such as Beamforming) array application. Use MP436A not only can control the overall cost of the array, and can satisfy the basic sensitivity and phase consistency requirements. At the same time, can directly read data acquisition equipment matching function of TEDS support microphone information, including microphone model, serial number, sensitivity, etc. Now Beijing popularity TEDS microphone support the IEEE 1451.4 standard, including the default using v0.9 version to more compatible to data acquisition device, according to user requirements can also choose v1.0 version. Each one MP436A before delivery with independent calibration data chart, contains information such as sensitivity and frequency response. 

Function characteristics: 

 ● 1/4 "free field microphone 

 ● Sensitivity (@ 250 Hz) :11.3 mV/Pa (+ / - 3 dB) 

 ● The frequency response: 20 Hz ~ 10 kHz (plus or minus 2 dB) 10 kHz ~ 20 kHz (plus or minus 3 dB) 

 ● Dynamic range: 29 dBA ~ 140 dB 

 ● Polarization voltage: 0 v (pre-polarization) 

 ● Pressure equalizing method: before 

 ● Integral integration power supply preamplifier ICCP () 

 ● Optional TEDS (IEEE 1451.4) 

 ● Scope of application: Low-cost microphone 

 ● Suitable for near-field acoustical holography (NAH), beam forming (such as Beamforming) array application