The measurement method of binaural recording and playback based on human head has been widely used in the acoustic field to analyze and diagnose the noise problems of products, but it usually needs expensive hardware equipment and professional acoustic engineers. 

BR2122 system is a new binaural recording and playback system based on iPhone app. Based on 5g technology, it can solve the problems of convenience and transmission of live recording. Anyone who can use iPhone can learn to use the system within 10 minutes. In addition to recording the original noise signal, the scene can also play back the true sound. More complex analysis can be uploaded through mobile devices, allowing more professional people to analyze in the background.

Recommended collocation

 ● IPhone 12 or iPad (IOS 11 or above)

 ● Idaq 2022 two channel input / output data acquisition card
 ● I3dmic pro360 in ear recording microphone
 ● Lightning to USB cable (MFI certified)
 ● Acoustic Lab (Application Based on IOS system)
 ● Br2 stereo recording analysis system (Application Based on Windows system)

After the recording signal is downloaded to the local area through cloud analysis, further conventional sound signal analysis can be carried out, including FFT, octave, time-frequency analysis, total sound pressure level, etc., and multiple data can also be compared to analyze the sound quality

Product Features

Br2122 is a binaural recording system based on mobile Internet. It integrates the artificial head recording technology and 5g concept, and transforms the traditional manual head recording into the combination of iPhone app and portable stereo recording equipment. Unlike conventional recording applications, the IOS application acoustic lab is specially designed for intelligent acoustic field test. It supports sensitivity correction of dual microphones and can accurately capture and collect live sound signals. The calibrated sound signal can not only provide sound characteristics such as spectrum variation, but also perfectly record the actual sound intensity, which is convenient for background engineers to analyze qualitatively and quantitatively. Acoustic lab solves the most important part of acoustic testing: accurate acquisition of original signal, and supports stereo listening back. The subsequent analysis module will be gradually online.


 ● Stereo recording with dual channel amplitude calibration
 ● Stereo playback with binaural volume adjustment
 ● It supports recording on startup, automatic pre recording and saving the latest signal with specified time
 ● Support trigger recording
 ● It supports the marking of acoustic events and can be played back selectively

Software interface:

Acquisition interface
Playback interface
Left channel calibration interface

Download information: