MPA436B 1/4-inch Free-field Microphone


    MPA436B is the new 1/4-inch free-field microphone developed by BSWA and suitable for measurement in free-field and semi free-field without reflection. It is prepolarized microphone without external polarization voltage, and equipped with built-in ICCP power supply preamplifier (optional TEDS).

MPA436B is front-vent and can measure the sound pressure level up to 140 dB in the frequency range of 10 Hz ~ 20 kHz. Each MPA436B passed a high sound pressure test before leaving the factory to verify its total distortion ≤ 3% when the rated maximum sound pressure level is reached.

MPA436B is suitable for applications which need a large number of microphones with critical cost requirements, such as array applications including near-field acoustic holography (NAH), beamforming, etc.

BSWA can perform phase-matching of microphones before delivery for the users who have phase requirements. If the phase is not required when ordering, the microphone phase will not be tested and matched.

Moreover, the optional TEDS function support data acquisition equipment to read microphone information directly, including microphone model, serial number, sensitivity, etc. BSWA microphone supports the IEEE 1451.4 standard. The v0.9 version is used by default to be compatible with more data acquisition equipment. The v1.0 version can also be selected according to user requirements.

Each MPA436B is supplied with an individual calibration data chart including sensitivity, frequency response and so on.

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