BSWA105 Sound Level Meters

BSWA 105 is a sound level meter certified by China Metrology Institute and American Testing Company Level 2(Class 2) . Based on the IPHONE 125g platform, with FFT, 1/n octave, integrated sound level meter and other powerful functions, measurement data and cloud platform connection, can real-time transmission measurement data and original recording.

BSWA 105 iOS sound level meter APP Noiselab, based on the IPHONE 12, with an external microphone i437L. NoiseLab is developed and designed according to measurement level sound level meter to meet all functional requirements of measurement sound level meter. Equipped with type 2 precision microphone I437L, it is portable and can be used for environmental measurement, on-site tuning, product noise testing and so on.

Product Features:

 △ IOS sound level meter APP

 △ Conforms to GB/t 3785.1-2010 and IEC 61672-1:2013

 △ Delta start-up test, real-time modification of test parameters

 △ Support for manual and automatic calibration (adaptive sound calibrator)

 △ The results of three groups of Profiles were calculated in parallel

 △ Delta real-time octave function, support 1/1,1/3,1/6,1/12

 △ Display and comparison of up to three kinds of historical frequency spectrum

 △ With External Microphone I437, the accuracy of type 2 sound level meter can be reached

 △ Delta Dynamic Range 99DB (1 Khz)

 △ Delta Support A, B, C, frequency weight, Fast, Slow, Impulse time weight

 △ SPL, Leq, Max, Min, PEAK

 △ Time history curve display

 △ Real-time FFT analysis

 △ Support the storage, display, sharing and release of measurement data

Software interface:

Download information: