TEDS Reader & Writer TR100

BSWA TEDS Reader and Writer TR100 are designed especially for TEDS Microphones that meet IEEE 1451.4 standard. TR100 can read, write and rewrite the information in the TEDS microphones.

Product Features

  ● Compatible with IEEE1451.4 standard and support Template 27

  ● USB connector

  ● Can identify TEDS chips automatically

TR100 can read and write the following electronic data:

  ● Manufacturer ID

  ● Product Type #, Serial #, and Version #

  ● Sensitivity (mV/Pa)

  ● Reference Frequency (Hz)

  ● Polarization Type (Prepolarization or 28V/200V)

  ● Microphone Type (Free-field, Pressure-field, Diffuse-field, and others)

  ● Microphone Diameter (1″, 1/2″, 1/4″, 1/8″)

  ● Equivalent Air Volume

  ● Polarity

  ● Calibration Information (Calibration date and period of validity)


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