MPA215 Microphone

BSWA ICCP microphones, MPA231/215, utilize the outstanding performance of BSWA's MA231 ICCP preamplifier coupled with the high quality line of 1/2" prepolarized microphones. Using ICCP microphones have many advantages over traditional 200V polarized microphones.

MPA261/265 is ICCP TEDS microphone with a combination of BSWA 1/2’’ microphone and TEDS preamplifier MA211.

Technical Parameters
Diameter 1/2 inch
Microphone Capsule MP215
Preamplifier MA231(TEDS optional
Optimized Frequency Response 20 Hz ~ 12.5 kHz
Sensitivity 40 mV/Pa

Dynamic Range (dBA)

23 ~ 135

Inherent Noise (dBA)


Output Impedance (Ω)

< 30

Temperature Coeffcient (dB/°C)

<± 0.3 dB (0 ~ 40 °C) with 250Hz, at reference temperature 23 °C

Humidity Influence

< 0.2

Pressure Coeffcient (250 Hz) (dB/kPa)


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