IA002 Preamplifier Input Adaptor


IA002 preamplifier input adapter is mainly used to input electrical signals to the preamplifier to test the electrical performance of the preamplifier and sound level meter.

The input connector of IA002 is BNC, and common signal generators are always select BNC as the output connector. Therefore, a BNC coaxial cable can be used to connect IA002 and the signal generator. The connection thread can meet the requirements of IEC 61094-4 for working standard microphones and it can be connected to a 1/2 "preamplifier directly. The supplied 1/4" adapter can be used for connect to a 1/4 "preamplifier.

IA002 is supplied with a BNC shortage plug. After installing this connector, IA002 becomes the microphone cartridge equivalent (dummy microphone), which can be used to test the self-generated noise (electrical) of preamplifiers and sound level meters.

IA002 has a built-in small capacitor (15 pF default, user can request the value according to the capacitance of microphone), which can simulate the source output impedance of capacitive microphones and it’s often used to test the insertion loss (attenuation) and frequency response of preamplifiers. The internal small capacitor of IA002 has been shielded according to the active shielding principle to avoid signal attenuation before input into the preamplifier as much as possible.

User can customize the direct connected type IA002-Dir, which doesn’t include the built-in capacitor.


● Built-in capacitors to simulate the source output impedance of capacitive microphones

● 15 pF default, other values on request

● Use supplied BNC shortage plug can change to microphone cartridge equivalent

● Input adapter of direct connected is available

● Suitable for 1/2" and 1/4" preamplifiers


● Insertion loss (attenuation) and frequency response measurement of preamplifier

● Electrical signal tests of sound level meter

● Self-generated noise measurement of preamplifier and sound level meter

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