EA011 / EA012 Electrostatic Actuator


EA011/EA012 electrostatic actuator is developed by BSWA for determine the frequency response of condenser microphone.

Electrostatic actuators are used to simulate the pressure response of condenser microphone by apply an alternating electrostatic force in front of the diaphragm and measuring the consequent response of the microphone. The electrostatic force comprising a high polarization voltage (generally 800 VDC) superimposed with a smaller AC voltage. The condenser microphone under test must be metal diaphragm, thus it can be tested by the electrostatic actuator.

EA011/EA012 can be connected directly to the actuator power supply. EA011 is 1” actuator and also available for 1/2” and 1/4” microphone with corresponding adaptor. EA012 is 1/2” actuator and also available for 1/4” microphone with corresponding adaptor. All adapters are optional and need to be ordered separately.

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