PA700 Measurement Power Amplifier


PA700 is the measurement power amplifier developed by BSWA for drive mid-power sound source, such as omni sound source, low frequency or mid-high frequency volume source and plane sound source, during building and acoustic field measurements.

PA700 based on class-D power amplifier technology, thus achieving a very small size and lightweight with a large output power, making it very suitable for field testing of building acoustic. The peak output power is up to 710 W with excellent THD+N and dynamic range. All connectors, controllers and displays are located on the front panel. The power amplifier can therefore be placed on the ground or in any other field for easy access.

PA700 has digital volume control, which can adjust the output amplitude according to dB level (it can display the maximum output power at this time). It also retains the continuous volume adjustment knob for fine tuning. PA700 also has a built-in white noise and pink noise generator, and a Bluetooth audio receiver can play the stored audio files of mobile devices. Built-in noise signal and Bluetooth audio signal can be line out to other devices. PA700 is also supplied with wireless remote control, which can turn on / off the output of power amplifier even across building floor.

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