SW series impedance tube is designed base on transfer-function method, according to GB/T 18696.2, GB/J 88, ISO 10534-2, ASTM E1050-12, and ASTM E2611-17 standards, including impedance tube kit (SW4201/SW4601) and transmission loss tube kit (SW4221/SW4661).

SW series impedance tube is based on two-microphone transfer-function method. The normal incidence sound absorption coefficients and specific acoustic impedance ratios of materials in the full measurement frequency range can be obtained only by one test. Compared with the tube designed based on the standing wave ratio method, it significantly improves the test efficiency of material acoustic properties. And the transmission loss tube is based on four-microphone transfer-function method. The transmission loss of materials to be measured can be obtained by measuring the sound pressure level at four fixed positions in tube with two different terminations and calculating a complex transfer function.

The inner diameter of SW series impedance tube is 100 mm (SW4201/SW4221, test frequency range is 50 Hz~1.6 kHz) and 29 mm (SW4601/SW4661, test frequency range is 500 Hz~6.4 kHz). The two types of impedance tubes can be used together to broaden the test frequency range.

SW series impedance tube is made of hard aluminum alloy, with compact design, light weight and easy to assemble, which is convenient for filed measurement of acoustic properties of materials.

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