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BSWA Architectural Acoustics Solutions is ready for download

Established in 1998, BSWA Technology is becoming the preferred supplier for acoustical measurements. With headquarter located in Beijing, BSWA currently employs over 100 staffs with branch offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. BSWA’s products are distributed in over 40 countries through our sales partners.

BSWA is fully committed to the Total Quality Management ensuring that every product meets strict standards in performance. BSWA continues to invest in new machine tools, new calibration equipment, and new control methods to further microphone and related equipment technology while reducing manufacturing costs. BSWA was awarded ISO9001

Certificate from TÜV in 2009.The Architectural Acoustics Solutions Catalog reflects BSWA over 10 years experience in room and building acoustic measurements. Rich experiences make BSWA stand out in both manufacturing acoustic products and mapping out complete professional solutions for the customers.

This catalog focuses on the Architectural Acoust ics measurement products developed and manufactured by BSWA.

The products include VA-Lab analyzer,microphones, Impedance tube, sound level meter, microphones and sound sources.

BSWA manufactures a full range of acoustic measurement products. More information and other products can be found