VSS15 Plane Volume Source

VSS15 is a special plane volume source developed by BSWA TECH. It can be used in noise transfer function (P/F) and acoustics transfer function (P/Q) reciprocity test, TPA analysis, acoustic excitation test such as sound insulation, sound absorption and SEA test.

The VSS15 is made with twelve loudspeaker units with 100 Hz to 8000 Hz frequency response. The maximum output sound power level is up to 123 dB. The built-in reference microphone can self-calibrate the sound power output. When you need a larger sound source for your application, the modular design can help you to easily combine several plane volume sources into a large sound source.

Product Features 

 ● Frequency response: 100 Hz ~ 8,000 Hz

 ● Plane volume source with twelve loudspeakers

 ● Flat design with the height of 115mm (4.5")

 ● Up to 123 dB maximum sound power level

 ● Up to 115 dB sound pressure level at 1 meter

 ● Modular design

 ● Built-in reference microphone


 ● Sound transmission loss testing for the floor structure

 ● Air-borne transfer functions for the road and engine noise

 ● Floor trims and carpet design validation

 ● Floor structure noise leakage analysis

Technical Parameters
Dimension (mm) W600 x H115 x D450
Net Weight 9kg (without package), 19.6kg (with package)
Package Size (mm) W848 x H247 x D578
Nominal Impedance
Rated Power 250W
Peak Power 500W
Frequency Response 100Hz~8000Hz (According to IEC 60268-5:2007)
Maximum Sound Power Level 123dB (Pink); Lw≥100dB @100Hz~6300Hz (1/3 Octave)
Input Connector SpeakON Audio Connector
Loudspeaker Units Rubidium magnet loudspeaker, 4 inch, 8Ω, 30W
Reference Microphone Pressure-field microphone MPA253, powered by ICCP supply, sensitivity 50mV/Pa, BNC output connector

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