Acoustic Clouds


1: Help customers to store, manage and analyze noise data to reduce the cost of research, development, operation and maintenance of big data;
2: Flexible configuration of data analysis algorithm module, can load third-party analysis tools. Online data modeling and data analysis, real-time feedback analysis results, and visual display;
3: The data interface is customized to serve key customers.

Product Features

 ● User management, user information query, modification, group management, etc

 ● Audio file management, add, delete, modify, check, file label, etc

 ● Audio acquisition parameters, dual channel calibration parameters, sound pressure parameters and GPS information are displayed synchronously

 ● Online playback and audio download

 ● Audio data analysis interface, third party application API

Mobile terminal features

Stereo recording, support dual channel amplitude calibration (can be used with acoustic calibrator)

Stereo playback, support binaural volume independent adjustment

It supports recording on startup, automatic pre recording and saving the latest signal with specified time

Support trigger recording

IOS system and windows system format selection 

It supports the marking of acoustic events and can be played back selectively

It supports the storage, display, sharing and uploading of survey data and GPS information to cloud platform

Enterprise user management


 ● Acoustic environmental quality and noise map application area

 ● Mechanical fault diagnosis and analysis

 ● Automobile sound quality control and after sale management

 ● Noise management and occupational health in factories

 ● Soundscape research and database

 ● High speed railway vehicle noise and polygon monitoring

Web client features:

 ● Delta user management, user information query, modify, group management, etc

 ● Delta audio file management, add and delete, file labels etc

 ● Delta, dual channel audio gathering parameters calibration parameters, the sound pressure and GPS information, such as synchronous display delta audio streaming and download

 ● Delta audio data analysis interface, the third party application API

Measurement point positioning

User management

Audio file list

Areas of application:

 ● Delta acoustic environmental quality and noise map

 ● Delta mechanical fault diagnosis and analysis

 ● Delta auto sound quality control and after-sale management

 ● Delta factory noise management and occupational health

 ● Delta landscape research and database

 ● Delta high-speed rail vehicle noise monitoring and polygon

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