VA-Audio is a software module for characterizing the performance of electro acoustic products, audio electronics, and transducers. With the simplicity of operation required for production line QC, yet the extensive analysis tools necessary for R&D, VAAudio is suitable for use throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Acoustic characteristic of product is electrocircuitindependent. The structure of loud speaker is important for its specif cations. The best way to get frequency response and the harmonic distortion is by testing. The general method is to use signal generator to control the speaker to make a noise, and to use microphone to capture the noise and then to analysis the result.

BSWA audio test system consists of VA-Audio software, 2-channel data acquisition hardware, and standard microphones. The artif cial mouth, artif cial ear or Test Box are all optional items for audio measurements.

Main Features of VA-Lab Audio:

 ● Modes of Operations: Stepped Sine, Frequency Sweep, Multi-tone, and User-defined

 ● Real-time frequency analysis. Frequency response, THD, and Impedance test in one time

 ● Support autocontrol. With USB control, software can start or stop automatically which is very convenient for online test.

 ● Test result can be saved and counted automatically

 ● Supports maximum 30th order of harmonic distortion. User-defined distortion components can be calculated in one test

 ● Automatic adjustment for output signals to make flat response of sound sources.

 ● Support Directionality Test, With BSWA turntable, software can control the rotate speed and test every frequency one by one or together

 ● Phase test


 ● Microphones

 ● Loudspeakers

 ● Receivers

 ● Earphones

 ● Headphones and other analog audio components.

Technical Specifications

 ● VA-Audio2 supports the following hardware from BSWA:
     MC3022: 2 channel ICCP inputs, 2channel outputs, USB powered.  Recommended for field uses
     MC3522: 2 channel ICCP inputs, 2channel outputs, USB powered, built-in power amplifier to drive loudspeakers (needs 220V AC power for amplifier)  Recommended for impedance tube; and audio analysis
     National Instruments NI 4461:  Recommended for precision calibration 

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