VA Audio Software

VA-Audio is a software module for characterizing the performance of electroacoustic products, audio electronics, and transducers. With the simplicity of operation required for production line QC, yet the extensive analysis tools necessary for R&D, VA-Audio is suitable for use throughout the design and manufacturing process.

BSWA audio test system consists of VA-Audio software, MC3522 data acquisition hardware, and microphones. The artificial mouth and artificial ear is optional items for audio measurements.


 ● Modes of Operations: Stepped Sine, Frequency Sweep, Multi-tone, and User-defined

 ● Stepped Sine: Supports 1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/9, 1/12 Octave or User-defined frequencies. The user defined time intervals

 ● Frequency Sweeping: Supports linear and logarithm sweeping

 ● Multi-tone Test: Supports up to 15 frequency tones

 ● User-defined Mode: Supports signal generator( Sine, square, sawtooth, White noise, and Pink noise, wavefile, tone burst); time signal recording and post-processing

 ● Control Limit: Easy set-up limits for quality control. Pass/Failure indication

 ● Harmonic Distortion: supports maximum 30th order of harmonic distortion. User defined distortion analysis

 ● Loudspeaker Calibration: Automatic adjustment for output signals to make flat response of sound sources.

 ● Sensitivity Test: Supports microphones and transducer testing

 ● Signal Analysis: Supports FFT, 1/n octave, and sound pressure level

 ● Free filed correction: used for standard microphone test

 ● Data Freeze: current data can compared with the fore dataReal-time Frequency Analysis: Frequency response and THD

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