VA-Lab Software Overview

VA-Lab is acoustical measurement software developed by BSWA. VA-Lab takes the advantage of computer power and performs all signal analysis within the computer. With BSWA Data Acquisition Hardware and Microphones, VA-Lab represents the most cost-effective solution for all your needs in acoustic measurement and analysis.

VA-Lab is developed based on the international standards and BSWA’s experiences in acoustics. These experiences cover environmental, architectural, material and industrial measurements. VA-Lab has module design with special applications according to ISO standard requirements, such as Sound Power, Sound Insulation, and Impedance Measurements.

The VA-Lab function modules include:

● BASIC: FFT based signal analysis for vibration and acoustics

● ENV: Sound pressure level and environment noise measurements

● IMP: Two and four microphone methods for absorption and TL measurements in Impedance tube according to ISO10534

● SI: Sound intensity measurements

● REV: Reverberation time measurements according to ISO3382  

● TL: Sound Insulation measurements for building material according to ISO 140.

● POWER: Sound Power Measurements according to ISO3745.


 ● FFT Analysis: general signal analysis including FFT,CPS, Transfer Function, Coherence, Auto Correction, Cross Correction, Cepstrum, etc. Data can be captured and saved in real-time mode

 ● 1/n Octave: general 1/n octave analysis for sound and vibration signals, n=1,3,6,9,12, 24

 ● Calibration: user selection of sound or vibration calibration.  

 ● Signal Generator: sine, square, triangle, sawtooth wave, white noise, pink noise, frequency sweep, multi-tone, tone burst, wavefile, etc.

 ● Record: Wave file or time series signal record and play back

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