Building acoustic measurement system

The ZKXY Architectural Acoustic Measurement System has been upgraded from the original measurement system, integrating wireless, automatic measurement, and humanized software design. It is equipped with various professional acoustic testing accessories, providing users with a new measurement experience. The testing software is fully self-developed and meets the requirements of existing national and ISO standards. In the future, it will be upgraded and updated as the standards change.


The architectural acoustic testing system is designed according to standards, taking into account both laboratory and on-site methods, and can meet the following measurement requirements:

      ● Measurement of reverberation time and sound absorption coefficient

      ● Laboratory and on-site sound insulation measurement of airborne sound in buildings and building components

      ● Laboratory and on-site measurement of floor impact sound

      ● Grading measurement of sound insulation performance of building doors and windows

      ● Air sound insulation and sound intensity test for buildings and building components

      ● Indoor noise measurement

Relevant international standards:

      ● ISO 140 Acoustic - Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements

      ● ISO 10140 Acoustic - Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements

      ● ISO 16283 Acoustics - Field measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements

System characteristics and composition

      ● Comply with the latest national and industry standards, and reserve the potential for software design upgrades to facilitate timely upgrading and compliance with new national standards issued later.

      ● Wireless measurement technology, with flexible combination and simplified configuration, is suitable for both laboratory and on-site testing.

      ● The device has a small size and user-friendly software design, allowing one professional person to complete the measurement work.

      ● The system has strong scalability and supports simultaneous measurement of 2 to 32 channels; Meet multiple testing items such as building and building component sound insulation, door and window sound insulation, floor impact sound, sound intensity lateral sound insulation testing, and indoor noise.

      ● The products (including: sound source, tapping machine, rubber ball, and analysis system, etc.) have been verified and tested by the Chinese Institute of Metrology.

      ● Independent intellectual property rights, software and hardware can pass various verifications and calibrations by the metrology department. Ensure the accuracy and legality of measurement data.

      ● Leading technology, measurement of reverberation time, on-site measurement of doors and windows, and measurement of floor impact sound adopt new technologies and methods to improve measurement accuracy and accuracy.

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