MF720 Hemispherical Array for Sound Power

MF720 are hemispherical array designed by BSWA for sound power measurement.

MF720 meet the requirement of 20 microphone method according to GB/T 6882-2016、ISO 3745:2012.

The MF720 were designed as small, light and easy to assemble fixture. Microphone can be mounting on the hemispherical surface very quickly and accurately, so that in accordance with the standard requirements for sound power measurement becomes very easy. BSWA also provide multi-channel data acquisition device and software to working together with the fixture for sound power measurement.

Product Features

 ● Meet the requirement of GB/T 6882, ISO 3745, GB/T 18313, ISO 7779

 ● Microphone can be moving along the track to meet the 10 and 20 microphone method

 ● Various type microphones with 1/2” preamplifier could be mount

 ● It can be fixed on the ground or can be hung and installed as a whole

 ● Easy to assumable, light weight and compact structure, supplied with professional packing box

 ● Suitable for sound power measurement in laboratory and outdoor


 ● Sound Power Measurement in Hemi-Anechoic Room

Technical Parameters
Type MF720-XX1
Standard GB/T 6882-2016, ISO 3745:2012
Application 20 Microphone for Sound Power
Microphone 1/2” Microphone
Radius Optional: 1m / 1.5m / 2m
Weight (only hemispherical array) -10: 6.8kg / -15: 10.9kg / -20: 17.7kg
Dimension of packing box (mm) -10: W1565 X H165 X D417、-15: W2266 X H165 X D566、-20: W1416 X H225X D417
Note 1: -XX is the radius of fixture. -10 = radius 1m, -15 = radius 1.5m, -20 = radius 2m

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