BSWA SW series accelerometers are vibration sensor designed for the automotive, railway and aerospace NVH application with small size and light weight. It’s suitable for multi-channel NVH, modal analysis and OPTA testing.

SW series accelerometers are traditional accelerometer based on piezoelectric ceramics technology, using imported ceramic sensing element, titanium shell and 1/4-28 4-Pin connector. Performance and appearance can be comparable with leading competitors’ products.

BSWA has a strict quality control system and each accelerometer has to pass environmental experiments with military standard before it leaves the factory, which lead to meet the needs of defense field or routine testing. Accelerometer cable is the most easily damaged parts and BSWA has enhanced the connectors and cables to improve the life of product.

Product Features

• ICCP Power Supply Triaxial Accelerometer

• Small Size And Light Weight

• Imported Ceramic Sensing Element

• Optional Various Sensitivity

• Routine Vibration Testing

• Automotive, Railway And Aerospace NV

• Modal Analysis

• OPTA Testing

Typical Sensitivity Deviation vs Temperature

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