VC-01 Vibration Calibrator

BSWA VC-01 vibration calibrator is suitable to calibrate the sensitivity of acceleration, velocity and displacement sensors. It is a small, handy, completed self-contained vibration reference source. 

The electromagnetic exciter of VC-01 driven by an independent reference source (159.2 Hz / 1.00 g rms) with feedback control through the embedded accelerometer to maintain a constant and accurate vibration level and frequency.
VC-01 supplied with 9V rechargeable battery and charger. The battery need to be charge when the indicator light turns from green to orange. VC-01 will automatically shut down after approx. 50 seconds to save battery power.


 ● 1.00 g rms Hand-Held Vibration Calibrator

 ● Operating Frequency: 159.2 Hz

 ● Maximum Load: 120 gm

 ● Small Size And Light Weight

 ● Powered by Rechargeable Battery and Automatic Shutdown


 ● Sensitivity Calibration of Acceleration / Velocity / Displacement Sensors

 ● Rapid Checking of Measurement System Integrity


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