CS032 Actuator Calibration Stand

CS032 actuator calibration stand is a microphone measurement fixture form BSWA, which provides a method for holding the preamplifier in place securely and quickly. 

It consists of microphone clamp and toggle clamp, and can be applied to different type of microphone preamplifier by changing the microphone clamp and adjusting the adjustable nut.

CS032 supports simultaneous measurement of two microphones that are different types, which is suitable for microphone frequency calibration, electrostatic actuator and other measurements. The quick fixture is convenient to open and close, which can quickly replace the microphone, and improve the efficiency of mass measurement work.

Product Features:

 ● Suitable for different type of microphone preamplifier

 ● Simple structure and easy to operate


 ● Microphone frequency response calibration with electrostatic actuator

Technical Parameters:
Microphone Position 2
Dimension (mm) W120 x H210 x D150
Weight 1.6 kg

Download information: