CS022 Actuator Stand

CS022 actuator calibration stand is microphone calibration equipment from BSWA, which is suitable for testing of working standard microphone comply with IEC 61094-4 and GB/T 20441.4. 

It can be used for frequency response and phase calibration of measurement microphone. This equipment can significantly reduce the ambient noise to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, test accuracy and consistency.

The main component of CS022 is aluminum acoustic enclosure with 1/2-inch microphone fixed device. It has good sound insulation performance, and can be used to test 1/4-inch microphone by adapter. The electrostatic power supply can be connected to the interior of the acoustic enclosure through a 4 mm banana socket on the baseplate. In general indoor working environment, the internal background noise is approx. 10 dBA after the enclosure is closed.

Product Features:

 ● Available for 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch microphone

 ● Strong ability in sound insulation to decrease the ambient noise and increase the measurement accuracy and consistency

 ● Simple structure and easy to operate

 ● Measurement microphone frequency response calibration
 ● Measure microphone phase difference measurement

Technical Parameters:
Microphone Type 1/2-inch or 1/4-inch microphone comply with IEC 61094-4 and GB/T 20441.4
Connector 4 mm banana socket for electrostatic power supply
Background Noise ~ 10 dBA1
Dimension (mm) W195 x H140 x D310
Weight 2.5 kg
Note 1 Measured in ordinary office environment, no obvious noise source around.

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