SM4418 Microphone

BSWA SM4000 series phantom powered studio microphones are for precision recording and measurement of sound with no color added. They can be used to record essentially any instrument for a truly accurate representation of the original sound.

Each SM4000 microphone is supplied with its individual calibration data for frequency response and sensitivity. Its modular design allows the preamplifier to be used with any of the high quality BSWA microphone capsules.

SM4418 microphone is 1/4" recording microphone. It has a flat frequency response out to 16 kHz with excellent dynamic range and low noise floor. Its impulse response and polymer diaphragm settling time is exceptional. Its sound is uncolored and it has no handling noise.

Technical Parameters
Microphone Capsule MP418
Linear Frequency Range 20 Hz ~ 16 kHz
Sensitivity 8 mV/Pa
Max. SPL for 3% THD 135dB
Equivalent Noise Level 32 dB(A)
Output Impedance 200 Ω
Max. Output Voltage 4.5 Vrms (load > 2000 Ω); 1.0 Vrms (load =1000 Ω)
Connector XLR
Phantom Power 25 V ~ 48 V (current 3 mA)
Weight 160g
Polar Pattern Omni Directional

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