MP215 Microphone

MP215 microphone is a 1/2" prepolarized free-field measurement microphone and the best choice for use in IEC61672 Class 2 Sound Level Meters and other noise measurements requiring Class 2 accuracy.

The microphone diaphragm of MP215 is also made from a nickel alloy using BSWA diaphragm coating technology while the housing is made from stainless steel. The temperature, pressure, and humidity coefficients are better than IEC 61672 Class 2 requirements.

MP215 is an excellent all around Class 2 microphone with proven design for quality, reliability, stability, and performance.

Technical Parameters

Diameter 1/2 inch
Diaphragm Material Nickel
Housing Material Stainless Steel

Open-circuit Sensitivity (mV/Pa) (±2dB)

Capacitance 13pF
Response Free-field
Polarization Voltage 0V
Frequency Response 20 Hz ~ 12.5 kHz

Inherent Noise (dBA)

Pressure Equalization Vent Rear Vented
Operating Temperature -20°C~ 80°C.
Operating Humidity 0 ~ 98% RH

Equivalent Air Volume (mm3)


Temperature Coeffcient (dB/°C)

<± 0.3 dB (0 ~ 40 °C) with 250Hz,

at reference temperature 23 °C

Humidity Influence

< 0.2

Pressure Coeffcient (250 Hz) (dB/kPa)


Screw Thread

M11.7 – 60UNS

Matching Preamplifers

MA231 / MA221 / MA231T

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