VA-LAB Outdoor Software Bird 1.0 for terminal NMT-1000 is used to configure, download noise data (1-second Leq or SPL) and check the status of the system. It also can set the terminal date and time. Bird 1.0 can operate via GPRS and USB. The NMT can store data in terminal memory, and Bird 1.0 can download the noise data and save it as .txt file which can be input to VA-LAB outdoor.

Bird 1.0 Configuration Software:

  • Download noise data via GPRS and USB and save as .txt file.

  • Configure and operate the NMT

  • Calibrate NMT

  • Check the status of NMT and get the system information

  • Download the terminal operation log file

  • Can access up to 255 terminal

  • Update version can provide more functions


VA-LAB Outdoor Post-process Software:

  • Calculate Ln, Ldn, Lmax, Lmin, Leq for different period

  • Create curve with different average time

  • Create periodic statistical reports

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