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Outdoor Noise Monitoring Terminal NMT1000 is a powerful, intelligent noise monitoring terminal, optimized for outdoor use. NMT 1000 is a Hyper-Integrated noise monitor system that can be left unattended as part of an environmental noise monitoring system for mobile, permanent and semi-permanent monitoring. NMT 1000 terminal can store 12-48 days noise data and transit that over GPRS. It can be used in all climatic environments, especially suitable for industrial, city and filed. The noise monitoring terminal can be remote controlled by PC over GPRS.


  • Airport, City, traffic, Industrial noise monitoring

  • Uninterrupted noise monitoring


  • Sealed encloser meet IP65 standard

  • Suitable for stable, long-term, continuous outdoor monitoring

  • The power of NMT-1000 is possible form a variety of sources, for example an external UPS can be connected replace the 220V supply

  • Remote operation via GPRS, also can be control via USB

  • 16M industrial flash memory for safe, long-term back-up, the flash memory can be enlarge to 64M

  • Onboard high stable and extremely accurate real-time clock (RTC), within ±2 minutes per year accuracy from -20°C to +70°C.

  • 1-second Leq or SPL measurements

  • Dynamic range of 100 dB

  • The configuration software and post-process software operate on MicrosoftR WindowsR 2000 or XP

  • Post process software can create periodic statistical reports include SPL, Leq, Ln, Lmin, Lmax, Ldn

  • Independent system Supervisor, make sure that the system can be reboot from shut down or other accident

  • The NMT can be configure, calibrate and download data via GPRS or USB
    All-weather operation

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