News OS003A Omni Sound Source

OS003A Omni Sound Source

OS003A is the latest development of omnidirectional sound source of BSWA. The sound source has 12 rubidium magnet loudspeakers assemble on a 280 mm diameter sphere evenly. The angle between each axes of loudspeakers exactly the same to form a regular 12-sides structure. Each loudspeaker was selected via a careful process. The special electrical connection ensures the phase synchronization of each unit and guarantees the impedance match the power amplifier. Such design and implementation lead to a stable spherical radiation sound source.

OS003A comply with ISO 140-3 (GB/T 19889.3), ISO 140-4 (GB/T 19889.4) and ISO 3382 standard. Sound source can reach 120 dB (Pink) sound power level with suitable power amplifier. BSWA provide PA700, PA300 and YAMAHA P2500S power amplifier to drive sound source.

OS003A can be place on flat surface by five rubber foot, hang in a test chamber by rings or mounted on a special tripod (option) by a supplied POM base socket. The stainless steel lifting handle makes it easy to transport and handling.

Compare to previous generation product, the new omnidirectional sound source is smaller size, lighter weight, more compact and wider scope of application. Easy to carry out reverberation time, airborne sound insulation and other building acoustics testing.

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