Sound Quality

The sound quality of the noise from a product is dealing with human perception of sound. For products ranging from cars to hand tools, not only the noise level but also the quality of the noise made is part of what attracts or repels the customer.  The right sound attached to the right product can lead to increased sales.


Traditional objective measuring and analysis methods, such as A-weighted sound pressure and tonal analysis, are not enough to analyze product sound.  The objective measurements of loudness, sharpness, roughness and fluctuation are commonly used in sound quality evaluations. Customer expectations and playback testing are also important factors for determining acceptable sound quality because, in the end, only the human ear can tell the designer whether or not the product has the right sound.

BHead200: Can accurately reproduces all acoustically relevant parts of the human outer ear, allowing aurally accurate binaural recordings of sound events. 

VA-Lab SQ: Objective measurements of loudness; sharpness; roughness and fluctuation of noise 

VA-Lab R&P: Simple recording and playback system for subjective analysis. 


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