Material Testing

     Materials have two important acoustic properties:

  • Sound Absorption Coefficients

  • Sound Transmission Loss (Sound Insulation Index)

BSWA supplies the following products for your material testing use:

SW series impedance tube: Can make Sound Absorption Coefficients and Sound Transmission Loss measurements.

R-Cabin: Small reverberation chamber which can be used to measure the sound absorption of small and irregular samples, such as car seat, roof panel, carpet and etc.
MC3242: 4-channel hardware designed for analyzing acoustic and vibration signals acquired simultaneously from its 4 channels. It can be used with BSWA VA-Lab software and BSWA impedance tubes to make sound transmission loss test.

VA-Lab Software: Acoustical measurement software for impedance tube testing. It supports sound absorption and sound insulation measurements in BSWA SW series impedance tubes.


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