VA Lab -SQ

Simple A-weighting is deficiency on the description of human sense of noise. More precise noise strength measurement-Loudness is needed in many situations. The loudness is defined as the human auditory impression of the strength of a sound. The loudness calculation was based on graphical and manual procedures defined inISO532-1975.ANSI S3.4 2005 gives the procedure for computation of loudness of steady sounds which is easily carried out on computer.

VA-Lab SQ module supports three methods to calculate loudness, and other sound quality parameter such as Sharpness, Roughness and Fluctuation strength are  also calculated through the specific loudness.

The software supports MC3022and BHead200 hardware to form a complete system for sound quality analysis


Main Features

  • Three loudness calculation methods based on the standards.

  • Real-time loudness calculation or post-processing

  • Support diotic and dichotic stimuli

  • Sharpness,

  • Roughness

  • Fluctuation strength


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