PA300 Measurement Power Amplifier

PA300 is the measurement power amplifier developed by BSWA for drive mid-power sound source, such as omni sound source, low frequency or mid-high frequency volume source and plane sound source, during building and acoustic field measurements.

PA300 based on class-D amplifier technology, thus achieving a very small size and lightweight with a large output power, making it very suitable for field testing of building acoustic. The peak output power is up to 295W with excellent THD+N and dynamic range.

All connectors, controllers and indicators are located on the front panel. The power amplifier can therefore be placed on the ground or in any other field for easy access.

Product Features

 ● High performance measurement power amplifier based on class-D technology

 ● Peak output power up to 295W at 1% THD+N into 4Ω

 ● THD+N = 0.018% (1W, 1kHz, 4Ω)

 ● Frequency response 20Hz~20kHz

 ● 102dB dynamic range (A-weighting, 1kHz, 4Ω)

 ● Total power efficiency 73%~80%

 ● Universal mains 100~240VAC 50/60Hz

 ● Thermal, over-current, short-circuit, DC-offset and high-frequency protection

 ● DC servo for low DC offset

 ● Lightweight and portable


 ● Drive mid-power sound source for building acoustic

 ● Reverberation time measurement

 ● Sound insulation measurement

 ● Absorption coefficient measurement

 ● Transfer path analysis

Technical Parameters
Architecture of Power Amplifier Class-D
Rated Output Power (Continuous, 25℃) 100WRMS (4Ω/8Ω)
Peak Output Power1, 3 295WRMS (4Ω), 130WRMS (8Ω);(1kHz, THD+N≤1%. short duration: duty cycle 1/5, on time 60s. supply by 230VAC/50Hz)
Maximum Output Voltage 49VPeak (4Ω), 46VPeak (8Ω)
Maximum Output Current 12ARMS or 20APeak
Minimum Load 2.5Ω
Maximum Capacitive Loading 220nF
Output Impedance2 (Typ.) 0.013Ω (1kHz);<0.8Ω (20Hz~20kHz)
Output Idle Noise3, 4 (Typ.) 22Hz~20kHz, Gain=0dB:332uVRMS (4Ω), 331uVRMS (8Ω);A-weighting, Gain=0dB:261uVRMS (4Ω), 262uVRMS (8Ω)
Frequency Response3 (Typ.) 20Hz~20kHz, 1W:+0.05dB~-0.1dB (4Ω), +0dB~-0.25dB (8Ω);20Hz~20kHz, 80% peak power:+0.05dB~-0.15dB (4Ω), +0dB~-0.25dB (8Ω)
Dynamic Range3 (Typ.) 22Hz~20kHz, 1kHz:100.3dB (4Ω), 99.8dB (8Ω);A-weighting, 1kHz:102.4dB (4Ω), 101.8dB (8Ω)
THD+N3 (Typ.) 1kHz, 1WRMS:0.018% (4Ω), 0.019% (8Ω);1kHz, 100% peak power:≤1% (4Ω), ≤1% (8Ω)
Output Drive Mode BTL
Output Connector speakON socket and 4mm banana socket
Maximum Input Voltage (Input Sensitivity) 1.0VRMS
Input Impedance (Typ.) ≥39kΩ (20Hz~20kHz)
Input Connector XLR (Balanced) and BNC (Unbalanced)
Volume Control (Input Attenuator) -∞~0dB
Switching Frequency Range (Amplifier) 100kHz~500kHz
Total Power Efficiency 73%~80% (50WRMS~300WRMS)
Limiter and Overload Indicator Built-in voltage limiter with clip indicator on when maximum output amplitude is reached.
Output Level Indicator 7-step LED indicator: -30dB~-1.5dB
Protection Thermal, over-current, short-circuit, DC-offset and high-frequency protection.
Cooling Fan forced cooling.Fan forced cooling
Power Supply 100~240VAC 50/60Hz, IEC Type C13 Connector
Operation Environment -10℃~50℃, 0%RH~95%RH
Dimensions (mm) W238 x H90 x D248
Shipping Case Dimension (mm) W428 x H153 x D350
Weight 2.2kg (power amplifier only)
Note 1: Contact manufacturer for the peak output power operating time of other supply voltage.
Note 2: Measured directly at the terminals on the PCB.
Note 3: Measured by AUX-0025 filter and dScope Series III analyzer with AES17 20kHz filter.
Note 4: Measured by connected a 600Ω external terminal at input.

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